BigStream Technology Services is an IT Services Consulting & Solutions organization. Founded in June 2016 by a group of subject matter experts who have over decades of industry experience, spanning a wide range of expertise in Information Technology industry. Our engagements range from supporting our clients on projects to establish multi-disciplinary teams. We support our clients in new technology initiatives for Software, Infrastructure and Networking streams.

BigStream provides end to end Information Technology expertise that reduces the risks in operating and managing an organization’s IT infrastructure that includes Network, Data Centre, Servers and other IT assets. Our holistic client approach means we can also improve your existing technology & facility to the next level and re-engineer the same to lower your costs. We offer a range of services to suit every client's needs according to their budget.

Our process is geared towards maximizing productivity and eliminating redundancy waste , so you get your services delivered faster without compromising on quality. BigStream is a comprehensive solution that caters to all the needs of a modern technology and its multiple business segments. BigStream gives you the unique advantage of implementing IT services seamlessly across the organization.


Speed, visibility and the ability to manage
changing priorities.

BigStream Technology Services Pvt Ltd. has provided excellent application development.

  • We engineer software products
  • We design and develop custom software solutions with a competitive edge
  • We excel in performing intensive, hardcore programming tasks

With the goal of bringing a reputable IT consulting projects viz. Software, Infrastructure & Networking Services.

Who We Are

BigStream Technology Services Pvt Ltd. [BTS] is IT consulting; Services & Solutions organization totally supports clients with the expertise they need to implement regardless of technology. we strive to ensure that our recommendations are flexible and robust, meeting both immediate needs and future contingencies. Our software powers the operations backed up by highly experienced technically sound resources and other business areas.

For network service providers who want to improve the cost efficiency of their networks, ensure the optimal outlay of capital spending, and prevent future compliance penalties, BTS has expert resources for performing testing and compliance services.

Software / Network Project Solutions

Trouble free process with BigStream Technology Services Pvt Ltd. [BTS]

Access to software skills and quality development process. We meet every responsibility when sourcing software projects. From design and development to testing and management, we perform every project role with our quality full-cycle development process.

Formidable technical reach

Our technical knowledge combined with our advising experience entail a strategic outsourcing advantage. Our relationships strategy is to become your trusted software technology consultant and advisor.

Dedication to software / Networking innovation

Promoting commitment and project discipline, we lead our computer software / network engineers to managed innovation and inspire outside-the-box thinking. Our experts contribute to open-source software projects and publish articles on respected industry resources.