What We Do

We obtain talents, facility and philosophy.

BigStream Technology Services Pvt Ltd. [BTS] is a mature service provider, who delivers sophisticated IT Consulting, Services & Solutions.

Our goal is to become your trustworthy partner for a long period of time.

Strategy & Planning

Digital strategies at the nerve centre of your organisation to engage innovate and grow. In a digital landscape that’s constantly changing and evolving, you need a clear strategic plan. A plan that’s robust enough to stay aligned with long-term business goals - yet flexible enough that you can take advantage of new trends and technologies as they emerge. A plan that delivers dexterity in the face of market disruption & rapid scalability during periods of business growth.

Software / Network Solutions

We work with clients for whom Software / Network Services is mission-critical. For whom making the right technical decisions, at the right time, is imperative to the continued success and growth of their businesses.

And so we provide a team that is committed, proven and creative as well as endlessly excited about the potential of what can be accomplished.